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Default Whether to compact the driveway

Hello everyone,

first off this is a great discussion forum. Learned a lot about houses and the buying process.

I will be taking over the possession of a newly built home in October of 2018. I don't think the driveway will be paved with asphalt until spring/summer of 2019.

I have 2 questions and looking forward to your opinions / expertise:

1. Would it be a good/bad idea to rent a plate compactor in spring 2019 and do a proper compacting before the builder lays asphalt (here the assumption is that the builder will not do a proper compacting job).

2. While there's no asphalt would it be a good idea to lay some interlocks in front of the garage and by the lawn (decorative purposes)? I'd probably cover it with plastic when it's paved to avoid damage. The purpose is to save time/effort from re-digging and removal of the finished driveway.

Ideas/opinions appreciated.
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