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There are arguments for both. If I'm installing it myself (and I swore to myself I'd never do that again) I go vertical. Most pros prefer horizontal. I just don't like head joints. Easier to hide those at the top of the wall, to me. When I have head joints in the ceiling, I make a butt board by stapling a couple strips of paper tape to 48"x6" scrap plywood to suck up the head joints and provide a space for the taped joint. But I'm weird like that.

I also like starting outside corners of walls with the long factory edge because it hides the corner bead better. But again, I'm weird like that.

But if they are doing a 9' wall horizontally, there is 54" wide drywall. That's preferable to a strip in the middle. 10' high wall, and it's two horizontal joints and I don't know why they wouldn't go vertical, but it's not my profession.
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