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Originally Posted by eastendguy View Post
Hi guys, I finished the basement, but it's cold down there. I stopped running the furnace fan from On to auto (only when furnace starts). Will this help or is it the other way around?

I like my home at 21 which makes the upstairs bedrooms warm (21+) the main floor (21) and the basement must be at like 19.

I'll be looking at a gas fireplace or something to heat up the basement. I havn't done the ceiling yet. Any other ideas of what can be done in the interim other than plugging an electric heater? Don't find it humid, so don't think a dehumidifier would do much.
You have one or more of:

Too few hot air vents
Undersized Cold Air Return and/or wrong location(s)
Inadequate insulation
Poor air sealing
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