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Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
I was also thinking of putting trim around our standard bathroom mirrors. How did you secure the trim to the mirror? Did you use some sort of adhesive or nail into the drywall, or both?
Originally Posted by Jenny1975 View Post
The mirror looks great! I'm also curious as to how it was affixed and what type of frame you used. Looks like casing painted a dark brown? Nice work!
The mirror is affixed with original metal brackets. The frame is about 3" wide by 1" poplar moulding. But you can use any moulding you like. It's notched out around 1/2" in to go around the mirror. So buy a moulding that you will have enough room to make the notch! So a door casing might be a bit too thin.

Little bit of glue & finishing nails. "No More Nails" is also pretty good. Just pre-fit it before you nail it

Remember to paint the inside notch, it will reflect in the mirror!
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