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Originally Posted by good2know View Post
Grudge did you install the lower return vents?
Not's on my list for this weekend. In the Master it's going to be tricky. The vent is fairly large and there is an electrical outlet right where the screw for the vent would go. The outlet is too low to put the vent under it. I'm not entirely sure what to do there yet.

The one in my sons room will be no problem. It's completely unobstructed down near the baseboard.

Originally Posted by lex_rex;
Get your a$$ up there, check the levels, and include this item in your warranty list. I'm glad I did. Builder contractor (Blondin) came to add insulation and spread the insulation in certain places. Took the crew of two about one hour of work.
I will. Actually, the guy across the street from us has had the insulation crew up in his attic so it stands to reason we could need some evening/extra ourselves. I do have a question though - one I should know the answer to. When the house was being built I noticed the trusses appear to be 2x4!! I don't want to go through the ceiling too badly so I'm assuming as long as I stick to the rafters I should be okay? Don't want to pull a Clark Griswold ! Our attic hatch is at one end of the house and my sons room is at the opposite end so it's going to be a long journey!

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