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Default Cold related sounds or damage

This morning while getting ready for work I heard a "really" loud noise in the house. This is not the first time in these extremely cold temperatures but here's what scared me - it was a huge thump like something fell or something and the house shook. I am not kidding, I was in the bathroom & it shook.

I know there's no way for anyone to know what caused it but does anyone think it could have come from the attic? I am spooked by it and wondering what I need to inspect. I will check the attic but does anyone have any other plausible explanations?

I had to leave to catch the train so I couldn't do that this morning but I peaked out the window to the back of the house and saw nothing. I looked on one side of the house outside and no sign of anything. I forgot to check the other side, lol. Just checked the side the bathroom is on. We do not have enough snow on our roofs to cause problems. At a quick glance it didn't appear to come from outside...

Any insight or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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