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Originally Posted by Katherine&Chris View Post
Whoa! I see your garage is configured differently than the San Rafael's around here... Is your house the Series 3 model?? San Rafael is a really nice model and I covet your double garage Will your front door be painted the same [not so] lovely shade of brown that ours was painted today? We have the same brick package...

While we had our fair share of screwups and design centre and trade troubles, overall it is not too shabby and the house itself is great.

And a bonus for you guys waiting to move in: The Customer Care person who deals with warranty issues is really really great and efficient!!! Just sucks they wait til the last minute to do 30 day items.

Good luck with your move! btw: I looked at your site, your cats are so cute!
No paint on the doors yet so I dont know. It is the series III, but the lot is oversized with the side entrance instead of front entrance which I guess is the reason for the two door double garage. We have been peering in the windows and they have the floor in (Maple - Victorian stain) and about half of the kitchen cabinets (Birch - Shaker - Coconut Stain). Our PDI is scheduled for the 20th and we have hired Phil Acker to accompany us due to the great advice he has provided everyone here.

The cats are definitely cute - I am sure they long to get out of this tiny apartment and into something they can run around in!
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