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Originally Posted by FaBCarnation View Post
Hi guys,

If the cabling is daisy chain would hooking up the line to a router work?

You may want to consider having your builder or a cat6 drop on your main floor if you are planning to put the internet modem in your basement with a router... Because sometimes you might get dead spots with your router and not be able to get a stable internet wireless connection.

The cat 5e/cat6 cabling is used to hookup your PC/TV/media box devices to your home network (router, hard wired which ensure a stable connection and throughput of at least 100mbps)... On Wi-Fi you may not get the full throughput because the connection can drop..
Thanks, FaBCarnation! Ok, so it sounds like the cat5/6 wiring comes 'after' rather than 'before' the modem in the order of operations, in case I want to set my computer up on a line instead of wirelessly.

What I don't understand is why they only asked where I would want one end of it to go... I have a three level townhome with no basement, so the location of the modem is not obvious. You'd think they'd ask for at least two points - one for the computer end and one for the modem end.

Perhaps this is an upgrade I need to skip altogether.
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