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Originally Posted by GregS View Post
If you can come up with a better question that only a Canadian would be able to answer, please feel free to share.
Why is there a restriction on a question that "only a Canadian would be able to answer"? With the power of Google, anyone from any country with a little effort could find the answer.

The reason why you think forcing users to answer a question works so well is not, in my opinion, because of its presence on its own but rather due to the fact that with Google the first few "correct" answers were actually marked as being incorrect. Don't get me wrong, having something like this (or something like CAPTCHA) will stop some spam bots, but it won't stop real people who are trying to register to spam. You stopped them by making the answer ambiguous.

With that said, there are a few things I can suggest:

1. if you want to keep the question, have a set of other "Canadian" questions and cycle through them at random. You could go as far as keeping the same question repeated for the same browser session and rotate the question on new sessions (think cookies)

2. if you want to keep the question, add some OR operators to the answer (i.e. accept multiple correct answers). This approach in some ways "weakens" the security aspect of the question though

3. get some stats on how many fail the question + the answer they put in - take that number (total) and discard the blank answers (assume those are bots or frustrated people like me). Group the rest of the answers and see if there is a common pattern. If 90% of the rest put brown, change the answer

4. Here are some less ambiguous "Canadian" questions - but like I said, you'll probably see more "issues" with sign-ups/etc. not because of the questions themselves but rather due to the answer not being ambiguous
- What animal is on the nickel
- What is the capital of Canada
(even some Canadians have trouble answering this one :P ... no the answer is NOT Toronto :P :P)
- What is the first two words of our national anthem
- What image is shown on our national flag
- etc...

In any case, it's your site and now that I have my account back it doesn't matter so much. Just thought I'd point out the issue at hand.

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