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Originally Posted by WellThatsLovely View Post
Unless you count the 8 months of renting and paying for an extra move...
You're right. Saving property taxes for 8 months and paying $1400/month to rent a Townhome is a horrible idea.

Ever heard of Dymon? I stored my entire house in a unit there for just over $200/month. Free truck and driver at move in.

Then I used PUPS with my next build. $200/month for my whole house. Containers picked up and dropped off in my driveway.

As I said, multiple neighbours did this when building their current homes, and I've done it twice.

Remember you're speaking from the GTA, and I am speaking from the market in question. Totally different markets altogether.

I can't find any Ottawa realtors who recommend selling 60 days before a new closing. It's not impossible, but why risk it? The market here is not in the seller's favour. It's flat or slightly leaning towards being a buyer's market.

If the OP has no problem carrying two mortgages, the by all means. But it's a risk they probably don't need to take if they can't.

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