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We just put a commercial grade wireless network in a 6000sf house last month. It was built 5 years ago with zero network wiring run throughout. The current homeowner wants to have AppleTVs all over the place and be able to use their mobile devices everywhere.

Oh, and it has radiant in-floor heating, stone and mirrors everywhere.
This is all a scrambled nightmare for Wifi.

Because the house was finished on all floors we were very limited as to where we could put things.

We ended up putting in 2 Ruckus Wireless R500 dualband AC access points along with a Zone Director to manage them and appear seamless.
It cost about 10x as much as your most expensive Wifi access point from Best Buy, however, it works, I can guarantee it works, and I manage it remotely if there is an issue. What you buy at BestBuy just is not the same.
Client was extremely happy when she could watch Netflix on her AppleTVs everywhere.

So yes, put network connections around the house. Every TV location should have at least 1.

Also, the common 'router' that you get has a number of things built into it such as:
a router (manages network traffic)
a network switch (all those ports on the back for plugging in computers)
a Wifi access point (the thing that actually does the wireless part)
and if you got it from your telco, it will also have a modem built in

You can buy all of these things individually usually of much higher reliability.
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