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I live in the new development north of Dundas and here is what I've noticed:
I too used to think it was just overpriced due to the name, but after living in many many other towns and homes, this area has been my favourite. Most of our neighbours are doctors/medical professionals who either work in the new medical buildings or the hospital (which get compensated based on their proximity to the hospital)... the homes and neighbourhoods are really well designed. Traffic is slowed down which is important if you have small kids, the newer homes are much closer to the sidewalk which feels safer sending your kids to school by themselves (lots of eyeballs on the street). There are parks full of children and other families in a similar stage of their lives so you have things in common if you have a young family.
I've heard great things about south Oakville as well, so I guess it's mostly personal preference but I don't regret the amount of money we paid for our home... The area just feels safe (I'm sure north and south are equally safe, but I feel really comfortable letting my kids play outside here because of the community atmosphere here).
I'm also really pleased with the planning that went into the community in terms of housing for the elderly (again, I'm sure south Oakville has provisions as well), but it's nice to know that there are retirement communities/one story condos within walking distance so kids can visit grandparents on their own when the time comes.
I can't really speak for the return on investment because we don't intend to sell so I haven't compared north to south.
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