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Default Which Real Estate Agent Should We Pick

Looking for some advice on which real estate agent to select. We spoke to 2 agents and here are the differences. We liked them both.

Agent 1
Has actually sold this home before in 2009. Market was hot then and got over list.
This agent will also be listing a home a few doors down for less money due to less sq ft and less curb appeal. Is this an advantage? Working both properties?
Agents name not as well known versus Agent #2 but works at a larger brokerage in Oakville
Reduced their commission to 4%
Will provide HD pictures and some basic staging re and re some pictures

Agent #2
Agent name is well known in Oakville but smaller brokerage
Will provide Video as well as pictures
Will provide staging
More detailed brochures
5% commission

Both agents really want to sell the home because it is immaculate and has tons of curb appeal.
Not much staging is really needed and they both said this will sell easily due to no supply in the area.
Both appraised the homes value exactly the same and said to list it around the same. Just right to attract buyers. Not over or under valued.
Difference in commission cost (5% vs 4%) is almost $9000 when you factor in HST

Is the 2nd agent worth the $9000.

Your feedback is welcome!
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