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I'm no expert but it doesn't sound to me like the second agent is worth $9000 more. A video is nice - if it's truly a video and not just the same listing photos set to cheesy music. Staging is helpful, but they both offer it.

Having a second property nearby can work for or against you depending on the differences. If your price isn't that much higher and you have much more curb appeal, then it can work for you - the agent can point to your house and say "but for just a little bit more money look how much more you get". But it can also work the other way - "that house is cheaper and almost as good".

When I sold, there was a Grapevine listing on my street that was for a house slightly nicer than mine but they were asking much more. When my house listed, I notice that listing quietly disappeared - they must have realized they were helping to sell my house.
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