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Default Rogers ground loop?

Has anyone had experience with Rogers introducing a ground loop to their house i.e. annoying humming sound over audio equipment?

I recently got Rogers cable TV back (always had cable internet with them) and soon after install I noticed a new, annoying hum on the TV audio output which goes to my whole-home system. After eliminating a bunch of possible causes, last week I unplugged the co-ax from the Rogers box by chance and bingo, hum gone instantly, so the culprit is definitely the Rogers cable connection.

I picked up one of these and installed it near the cable box and the hum has gone but I'm wondering if there might be any other ill-effects and if the ground loop suggests something bad with the install?

Bear in mind I got "one of the bad ones" with the Rogers guy - I was out and he left the house with working TV but no internet which I had to sort when I got home. Very possible he screwed something else up at the same time - he seemed like he knew the bare minimum to get by. It's a pity because other times I've had really good guys - ability levels are SO hit and miss.
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