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Originally Posted by Mark & Lynda View Post
For the networking gurus.

I received a new modem/gateway from my ISP. I had to connect the modem directly to my PC and connect to it via in order to change the config to bridge mode.

That done I've re-connected to my router, changed my router address to and changed the DHCP server to start at from Reconnected the gateway to the router and I'm back online.

Now, my question is if I want to go back into my gateway at it times out. I have to disconnect the gateway and connect it directly to the PC.

Is there a way to solve this? Can I connect to the gateway through my router?
From my husband:

Additional routers usually come with different subnets (i.e. 15 or 100). You don't need to change anything. Plug a connection from the ISP to your wan port in the router. Your second router will get a DHCP assigned so no need to change anything. You are likely getting a time out because you are using the same subnet in both routers.

For example: my Rogers modem is 192.168.1.x but my other routers are 192.168.100.x, 192.168.15.x. and are both visible from any PC on my second router.

You should only have to change DHCP range on the secondary router. The only DHCP assigned addresses from the ISP router would be to the secondary router.


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