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Default How long is / will be your commute?

I'm curious... all you new buyers in Fairwinds, JT, Kanata, other areas of Stittsville, how long will yoru commute to work be once you move?

My commute currently takes 10 minutes and that includes dropping my son off at the daycare when there is traffic! Same for my wife.. That's pretty hard to beat. When we bought our new house, we were also carpooling, she used to work on the same street!

We'll be moving to Jackson Trails in Stittsville so that's an extra 10 - 15 minutes on the commute and my wife is now changing job and will be working on the Vanier Parkway for the RCMP so she's looking at a 45 - 60 minutes commute during peak rush hour (it's only 20 minutes without traffic though! ) We're not really looking forward to her commute... As for me, I'm in high tech so who knows where I'll work and for how long due to the lack of stability of high tech...
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