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Default Troubles with basement ceiling

My father in-law always tells me that water is his nemesis. He claims that leaks find him wherever he goes and that even if he lived in an apartment on the middle floor, he'd be in the apartment with the leaks.

For me, it's got to be ceilings.

I recently finished the basement in our Bristol model by Tamarack. I framed everything myself and then I had professional drywall guys put up the board and a taper I've known for years do the mudding and taping. The mudder/taper has done jobs for my parents, my in-laws, and he did my last basement. All were flawless. I mean...flawless.

This time around he did our basement and again, I was blown away by how he feathers the seams so nicely and spends a lot of time doing multiple coats, using a light to check his work as he goes.

So I painted the ceiling about three weeks ago. I put on two coats of primer and my dad and I painted the ceiling 5 times as we could not eliminate roller streaks. The way the room is designed it has a really long open area with two basement windows at the other end very close to the ceiling. Anyway, we've now moved furniture into the room and in addition to the roller streaks that gave us trouble I can see every seam in the ceiling during the day time. At night when there are just a few lights on it looks absolutely spot on and flat but in the day with just sunlight, it looks pretty bad. I'm wondering if it's a drywall issue or a paint/primer issue.

Like I said, we painted the ceiling 5 times after priming it twice so I can't see it being just a paint thing. On the other hand, when you feel this guys seams and put a level across them, they're perfect.

My family and friends are all telling me to let it go but I can't help but feel like I should sand the whole ceiling (lightly) and then re-prime and paint.

The one thing I will say - there seems to be a texture issue going on. If I look closely I can see different textures where the drywall mud is. He used "CGC Machine Mud" and he told me not to bother wiping the dust off before priming and painting. His claim was that the dust was so fine it would not be noticeable and if I tried to clean it off I might risk damaging the mud. Seems crazy but that's what we did on the walls and they're fine.

Oh, the only other thing. All the visible joints seem to be factory seams. Where the butt joints are you can't see any seam at all, if that makes any sense.

Any ideas as to what the issue could be? Like I said, I'll post a pic later.

It's also one of the most unforgiving areas in the house because there's just two windows at ceiling height at the opposite end of the basement so the light really dances across the ceiling.

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