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Default 2 1/4 versus 3 1/4 hardwood plank - which one would you choose?

Hi all,

Me and my wife we're pretty split on what hardwood to get. Strangely we both agree on the color and that is hould me maple, but she likes the 3 1/4 planks and I like the 2 1/4 ones.

My reasoning is that the 2 1/4 ones look more stilish, more modern, the 3.1/4 looks like a old floor and that the 3 1/4 one would be more suitable for oak and the 2 1/4 one looks better on maple which, espceially when stained, is more uniform.

My wife thimks the 2 1/4 on stainde maple gives the impresion of "bumps" of "waves" in the foor.

We would really like to hear some opinions on 2 1/4 vs 3 1/4 with respect to durability, look, re-sale etc. as we find people on this forum have a lot of good ideas and are very knoledgable.

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