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Originally Posted by Cookie007 View Post
To all you Barrhaven people.. what's the better location? Harmony (including Riversbend) or Quinn's Pointe? Or would house price be the same for both location?

I'm out out east but from looking at just the map, Harmony seems more centrally located to Barrhaven Centre and quicker access to the main roads/highway? That said, QP is literally 5 mins away, so not sure if price will be that different.
Harmony and Riversbend are much more centrally located than Quinn's Point. Now, that one magical day when Greenbank is expanded/rerouted and there's an entrance to the 416 down that way, Quinn's will at least manageable. I hope their pricing on the new phase will reflect their isolation until all that happens....

Quinn's Point being 5min away might be true at midnight on a Tuesday but not any other time. The traffic coming over the Greenbank bridge is insane after work and busy almost all the time. We moved out of the area because of the distance and traffic....
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