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Originally Posted by rdx View Post
I notice that most floor plans for those houses under 3,000 sq ft from several builders, such as Century Grove, Marydel, Primont, Royal Park, etc do not have a separate living and a dinning rooms. They usually have a long living/dining room (they call Great Room). Does it really matter to have both of them? Of course, I understand only house size with certain footage can allow to have them both.
I guess it really depends on the house layout & square footage. If the house is large enough & on a wide lot, it will most likely have a separate living & dining room.

The great room is really the family room. When we bought our first house it was 1,900 sq. ft. & it only had a separate dining room & great room which was the family room, since there was no living room...they called the family room the 'great room'. But our current house which is 4,111 sq. ft. & is on a wide 64 ft. lot has a separate living & dining room, since it's divided by the main foyer. But there are also houses which I have seen even larger than mine that might have 1 long room which is the living/dining room but in that case the house had a triple garage, so the garage took away the interior space & therefore could not have a separate living room.

It really depends how you plan to use the space, some people just use it as a larger dining room, since most time they spend in the family room anyways but some like the formal living room with a set of sofas, etc. If your house is large, then you have to divide the space somehow, but if your house is smaller, I feel you don't really need the living room, since most time the living room is not being used to it's full potential.

Hope this helps
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