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Originally Posted by patrob View Post
I guess it really depends on the house layout & square footage. If the house is large enough & on a wide lot, it will most likely have a separate living & dining room.

The great room is really the family room. When we bought our first house it was 1,900 sq. ft. & it only had a separate dining room & great room which was the family room, since there was no living room...they called the family room the 'great room'. But our current house which is 4,111 sq. ft. & is on a wide 64 ft. lot has a separate living & dining room, since it's divided by the main foyer. But there are also houses which I have seen even larger than mine that might have 1 long room which is the living/dining room but in that case the house had a triple garage, so the garage took away the interior space & therefore could not have a separate living room.

It really depends how you plan to use the space, some people just use it as a larger dining room, since most time they spend in the family room anyways but some like the formal living room with a set of sofas, etc. If your house is large, then you have to divide the space somehow, but if your house is smaller, I feel you don't really need the living room, since most time the living room is not being used to it's full potential.

Hope this helps
Well written Our house is approixmately the same size as your first house. We have a separate dining room and our own family room (or could be considered a living room if you keep it formal). We also have our own separate office on the main floor. We have a big family so the separate dining room works for us. The theme nowadays is functionality. Back in the 80s/90s a living room was standard..the trend with the new houses nowadays have layouts with only Great Rooms.
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