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lol, yeah i saw that earlier.. so far 19-1 and you are the closest neighbors i will have.
we did do the rough in, we got the fireplace and the pantry as well. I'm going with the standard fireplace and the conduit above the fireplace for a flat screen when we get around to it.
the breakfast bar was on my list of "can i haves" on my designer's list as well as the optional desk in the 3rd beadroom. since i know i can have it, i will be keeping the 2 rough-in's i have listed over the b-bar. I have quite a few upgrades already listed and i still have to add in the things that erin is looking up for me and the ac(which i will prob do through mattamy) i want to upgrade the downstairs floors after we move in. I will bump up my brentstone thread so u can see what else i had in there.
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