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I've done 2 cold rooms now. I studded and spray foamed the ceiling and exterior walls of one then sheathed with ply, and did the other in 1.5 inch blue extruded polystyrene to 24" below exterior grade. I strapped that with 1x3 and sheathed it in mold resistant osb. The XPS is glued to the concrete with foam glue and the 1x3 tapconned to the concrete. I hit the gaps with canned foam. Took forever (especially the ceiling). The closed cell spray foam was way easier. Then again, the XPS room was huge - about 100 sq.ft.

I did not plug the vent holes. I did not try to make either room an interior room. I have a cap I can put on one hole for the winter, and the other hole is hooked up to an exhaust fan on a timer. I just want to prevent freezing. It needs some air movement.

Both rooms seem to work fine. No musty smell, and no freezing. Perfect for vegetables or wine. Even with one vent open to the exhaust fan, the heat loss through the exterior grade door to the basement is enough to prevent freezing.

Remove the wood formwork first. It's difficult, but necessary. It will rot if you trap it between the insulation and the concrete.

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