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Hi all, so I got the receptacle and went to install it. I removed the existing receptacle and noticed that the screw hole at the top of the electrical box was damaged. the electrician who did the electrical in my basement used a bad electrical box. he knew it because he had to use a bigger screw to screw the receptable to the top of the box and wound a small piece of romex cable around the screw so that it would stay in. Now I can't screw the top of the new receptacle into the electrical box. I can screw the bottom part no problem. So I'm going to call them up and see if they can fix this, but I have a feeling I'm going to get some resistance. In the meantime, is it safe to just have the bottom of the receptacle screwed in, screw in the top plate and use the receptacle that way? so all the wiring is done properly, its just the receptacle isn't screwed down to the top of the electrical box, but the bottom part is. I can use a piece of tap to tap the top of the top plate onto the wall. I know this sounds crazy but it should work.
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