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Originally Posted by GregS View Post
Have you verified that this electrical outlet is now functioning fine?

As for the electrician 'using a bad electrical box'.. most likely it was just fine when they put it in. But stuff happens between then and when they actually come to finish, so you do what you need to do to make it work.

Is this a metal box or a plastic box? Is it an inside wall or an outside wall?
ya i put the power back on and it works. i did the wiring perfectly, its basic stuff.

no, the guy knew it was bad cause the screw he used to screw in the original receptacle was a bigger screw and he wrapped a piece of romex wire around it so the receptacle would stay in. at the time i didnt realize why he did that. i didnt see the damaged screw hole when i removed the bad receptacle. the box is metal. the new receptacle is screwed into it at the bottom, so if it needs to make contact with the box, it is.

the basement walls were already insullated to code so they didnt remove the insullation. instead they built the walls in front of the insullation. so that means all walls are inside walls.
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