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Well I bought a Haven (Quinn's Pointe). I like the floorplan because i'm not a fan of a lot of hallways or little nook areas. I thought the layout was really functional. I camped out to purchase in the block I wanted, and was lucky enough to get the Haven in exactly the row location I wanted. Buying 2 years ago, made such a huge difference in terms of price its crazy. I expect that as my particular area gets developed (phase 2, 3, 4 planned for the next 8 years), the prices will keep going up. Resale houses seem to sell super quickly.

If you're not looking for resale, than just pick the upgrades that work best for you and your budget. I chose a few flex plans, shower in ensuite, longer kitchen island, finished laundry that sort of thing (things that are hard to do later). I also did a bunch of upgrades with the finishes but the limited choice at the design center might want to make some people reconsider and do it themselves after taking possession. Did about 30k worth and the house is how I like it. All of Mintos homes now have the sidelight at the front door (some have 2). This was a horrible design decision on Minto's part. The door jambs are seriously too weak to provide any kind of security. If you can, try to talk to Minto about upgrading the door jambs to metal.
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