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I've been asked by friends about that wall where the pantry was and I really like it there. I personally like open spaces but I like a bit of separation also. I kept the half walls, and like them as well. I have some things in mind for that wall on the kitchen side, but if you've had a chance to visit the model home in Orleans, I really liked what they did there from the dining room side. The longer counter is something everyone likes.

I'm not sure what you mean by structural changes? You're right that Minto was really strict on no changes other than the ones they're offering to everyone. For example, I wanted them to install a shower drain that I had purchased and that was a firm no. I asked about installing a second backyard light next to patio door and again that was a firm no. When they built the little wooden patio stairs in the backyard, I asked about extending it by about 2ft and again got a no. That said, the basement bathroom rough-in was done incorrectly, and they came back to fix it, and I was able to discuss different options that were not standard. Doesn't hurt to ask.
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