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Originally Posted by BrianT View Post

So based on what I read, you are using the Rogers modem only. I use a separate Asus router attached to my Rogers modem and use the security features of the Asus router instead. I wonder if this would be an issue?
I'm on Rogers for internet and initially had a router installed but I was finding I wasn't getting the bandwidth I should have been and my VOIP phone was flaky. I had the router on another subnet, but hadn't done anything else to the config. I've since removed the router and added a hublet to give me the extra ports I needed, and plug the VOIP phone directly into the Rogers box and it all works. I got the manual for the Rogers box so was able to add the security I wanted.

I was told by someone else that changing the Rogers box to bridge mode would help, but after getting everything working I decided I didn't want to start playing with it again.
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