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We are on Longworth & Shuttleworth - we have a Mayfair.
Our meetings with the home, kitchen, interior design, electrical and other coordinators are over. 2 weeks ago we received a letter from HN-homes that they commenced with the construction of our home.
Don't go crazy with the appliances - just make a choice and find all the installation guides. The important once are the range (or cooktop/oven combination) and the fridge, because they might affect the kitchen resp. electrical design.
A piece of advice: go to the model homes where the materials are shown and start making your choices for all of them, with all the names, colours, manufacturer numbers etc. It will make the process with the interior designer easier. You might want to visit the showroom of the kitchen designer Deslaurier before the scheduled meeting (they are near to the plaza where IKEA is). Some of the materials resp. types of kitchen/bathroom cabinets are shown there, but not built in the model homes. This was the only way to learn that we can get higher bathroom cabinets, upper cabinet doors without pulls (handles), hanging (suspended) bathroom cabinets etc. etc.
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