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Default Buying agents

I would suggest you thoroughly search for builders' names on this site. You will quickly get a feel for which is (are) great and which are not so great to deal with.
I have bought from Fernbrook and have a totally positive experience so far and have met others who have closed and are very happy too.
Other friends of mine dealt with Mattamy and Monarch and they too are quite happy.

The prices of the houses are pretty much set - perhaps you could negotiate a little on structural or upgrades with some builders. I have not heard of anyone who got deals that way though.

You do have to monitor the build throughout the process to ensure no mistakes are made - a buyer's agent won't do that for you.

Originally Posted by usagisisa View Post

Generally, my husband and I have been against using a realtor when selling a house. We have had very good success selling houses privately and have not seen a need to engage a listing agent.

Currently, we are considering purchasing a new construction and are weighing the potential benefits of engaging a buyer's agent. My husband had a horrible experience buying a new build and dealing with the builder; I also have found the sales representatives in new construction offices to be less than forthcoming.

We think it might be in our best interest to engage a buyer's agent to help us navigate the negotiation and construction-pitfalls associated with dealing with builders. I understand that the commission generally comes from the builder's marketing budget--builder sales reps probably don't like working with buyers agents, since it likely cuts into their commission (correct me if I am wrong), but I think we might need someone exclusively representing our interests in this case.

Anyone have any experience using a buyer's agent for new builds?
Anyone recommend any realtors in the Waterloo area who may specialize in being buyers agents for new builds?
We only want to engage the agent for the purchase of a new build; we feel at this time we are experienced enought to sell our current home privately.

We would love to hear some experiences from other buyers.
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