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Hi all,

I'm starting again to look into Blinds for the house. Probably will go with roller shades but I'm not even certain of options yet. I am looking for info from Elmhurst owners or really any HNHomes owners of what windows they did or wish they did for top down rollers. Maybe the big windows down stairs would be a good idea? Also the master bedroom? Any suggestions which would be beneficial?


Never mind. I read through the discussion again on pages 22 or so and pretty much got my answer.. again. I contacted Neil from Leading Edge and will try to get a ballpark number. I'm not sure what type of blinds he offers but I'm hoping he can also supply Hunter Douglas. Hoping for Top Down/Bottom Up for the bedrooms but we'll see what the price tag is. I'll also get a quote from Costco as well I think.

One other question. Was anyone able to bring any trades people in to measure while doing their final walkthrough? I have a glass installer and the blinds I'd love to have measured as it would save me waiting 2-3 weeks once I get the home for these companies to install their product.

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