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I have hardwood stairs that were done after I moved in (resale, not a new home). I got it done while I was getting hardwood into other rooms.

I have little kids and it is not noisy - even if it was carpet on the stairs, the kids make more noise talking while walking up/down the stairs, than the noise of walking on hardwood.

Again, it can be done after the fact. It probably will cost you the same or less than what the builder is charging you. You won't be covered under the new homes Tarion if you get it done after the fact (for me, that would not be an issue).

What they do is measure each step. Then they create the hardwood steps for your stairs. Its sanded and stained at the shop (or they can do it in your home if you do not mind the extra mess). They install it, touch it up and voila you are done

If its important to you and your DH, I suggest you talk to a place that installs hardwood stairs. They can fill you in on all the details. Give you an estimate (nothing too accurate, because until your home is built, they can't do exact measurements)

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