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Originally Posted by felixw View Post
I'm going to pre-wire my house with speaker wires... any recommendations on what I should get? I figure I'll need about 250ft of cable for the 2 rooms. I've looked at a few options:

1) Audioquest FLX-14/2 from
2) Rocketfish wires (16 gauge) from futureshop
3) Cheap 14 gauge wires from rona

Any recommendations or others that I should consider??? I don't want to get something too expensive...
Futureshop will likely disagree but I'm from the school of thought that the brand of wire means nothing.. in fact, many of the high-end brands of wire are just cheap wire with a fancy plastic coating. The actual wire inside is the same.

I personally would go for cheap Rona wire (or radio shack, or walmart) as long as you've got the proper gauge. Depending on the length of the wire run you will need different gauges.
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