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Originally Posted by rdx View Post
Can we get IP phone with area code 416 instead?
Yes, you can.

Actually, that's my business. I work at one of the large VoIP providers here in Toronto, and that's how I plan to keep my 416 number when I move up to Rutherford/Bathurst (Valleys of Thornhill / Coronation).

What you have to do is to get Internet connectivity (probably through Rogers, the cable co), then order the IP phone service BEFORE you need it. Order it a good month in advance of your move date, and use it at your old home. When you move, just take the box with you up to your new house, and plug it into the internet. It won't know you moved, and neither will the PSTN (the phone network). You'll still dial locally just like you did before.

In fact, this works if you move to Vancouver, Moscow, or wherever. Many of our customers do this to keep their phone number.

The one thing to keep in mind (that I hear from customers) is that people tend not to understand what you've done, and become suspicious. Imagine signing up at the video rental store near your new house, and when they ask for a home phone number, you give them a 416 number. You'll be explaining this for a while. Imagine this at your bank. Etc.

That said, it works really well, the quality is great, and it achieves what you're looking for.

Good luck.
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