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Unhappy First time buyer, post delivery dilemna!

We closed our very first house last week and it has been a battle for us to run around the builder to fix all the scratches, paint, broken kitchen cabinet.The builder keeps giving us that they have 15 days (since PDI) to fix things and we need to provide them access to the house.

First: I just noticed that my standard feature list includes "professional duct cleaning before occupancy", I asked the on-site person in the trailer and he said its been done. But I mentioned to him that I checked under most of the vent caps and there is good amount of debris, wood scraps, dust etc. His reply was that duct cleaning doesn't include cleaning of that. I thought a clean vent would be indication of good duct cleaning???? please correct me. What else can I ask to confirm?

Second: This weekend I noticed something unusual about the ceiling our master bedroom (this is the no-windows wall, attached to the other house as its a semi), the line where the wall and ceiling met appeared slanting. I took measurements and the left corner height came out to 95 3/4 inches and the right corner is 96 1/2 inch. I was like no way, not another thing to go around running.

Am I just being paranoid? or there is some clearance acceptable in new houses. I really hate going back and forth to the builder, leave voice mails go on-site..wish I had bought a older house. I believe there is a longer structural warranty.....please advice on how to tackle this and more to come !
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