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Default Sell my homes, should I included all the appliances?


I plan to sell my current house in March 2010, and I will move to my new home in June 2010. I just had my kitchen design appointment few days ago, and the kitchen design told me that some of my appliances have to be included when I resale, such as silde in gas stove, dishwasher and hood fan, is that true? And my kitchen designer need the measurement of all my appliances 2 weeks later, so I have to decide to bring my old appliances to the new house or buy a new set.

All my appliances are pretty new, I bought them 2 years ago when I moved in my current home, they are all stainless steels and it costs me around $10k + around $1k installation fee two years ago.

My question is do I have to included all my appliances when I resale my current house? do you guys think I can get back what I paid if I included them with my house?

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