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thanks for your reply WCN. I'd prefer the last option, but considering the horrible brick/mortor job they did on my house, they'd probably make a mess of it.

Originally Posted by WCN View Post
I'm a siding installer so I thought I'd chime in
You can do a few things, caulking would seal it, and it wouldn't hold it moisture. You wouldn't have to worry about that, but it is the cheapest, easiest and also probably the least visually appealing option.
You could also ask the siding installer to bend a piece of trim in the shape of an "L" to close it up. It would come out 1/2 inch to 1 inch over the soffit and back down the brick wall the same distance.
Or you could also get a mason to fill in the gap with motor, make it look like a motor joint in the brick.
Myself I'd be happy with either of the last two options.
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