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Lightbulb Just a few PDI Tips

Just a heads up on some items I discovered on my PDI that I wasn't really looking for but found.

1. Leveled stairs - make sure that your stairs are level. Mine weren't and I could visually see the difference. The steps progressively became more and more unleveled the further down they went. The bottom step was almost an inch off!

2. Leveled walls - make sure that your walls are leveled and that there are no "bump outs". By pressing my head against the wall, I could visually see that the wall curves out and comes back as if there was something pushing against the wall from the inside. A level verified this.

3. Leveled floors - walking around in my socks, I found an area in the floor where it dips down and comes back level.

4. No space between the bottom step riser and the floor - The steps from our foyer to the main level - when in the basement I could see a strip of light coming in because there was nothing between the bottom step riser and the foyer floor.

5. Painted tops and bottoms of doors - this was a little nitpicky but these weren't painted and are notorious dust collectors
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