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Originally Posted by BrianT View Post
So potential buyers don't get drenched while visiting their model homes.

k-town-man, are you young? I find that younger people get treated differently sometimes. I know from first hand experience with Richcraft, I was completely ignored or looked down on. Needless to say, I would never buy a house from them.
That's the WORST. My wife and I were in our mid twenties when we purchased our first home. During our tour of model homes/open houses we often encountered agents who wouldn't even talk to us.

We have since moved into a Tamarack home but last week my wife (now early 30's) just went to another builder's model home in the area. We live in the Bristol but this builder immediately handed her a brochure for the area that is all semis. Making assumptions in the Real Estate business is not good practice!
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