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Originally Posted by Mark & Lynda View Post
You haven't received a Hydro bill since Aug? Woah!

I hope you're putting away $200 a month for when the bill does come. I can't believe a "billing problem" takes 7 months to correct.

Have you called your MPP?
I know hey? That's a really long time! I had the same reaction - why does it take that long to fix a billing problem? Doesn't make sense. It's a cover for something else. I can just imagine the reaction if Bell did that to its customers. But when it comes to Hydro, you can't threaten to switch service provider.

I am preparing for a large bill, though they told me they will allow a payment plan with no penalty, or they said I can just send them money - without a bill!

I am thinking of calling an acquaintance at the Ombudsman's office to find out if there would be any advantage to adding my name to the list of complainants...
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