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Congratulations on purchasing your Kenson songbird! Are you building in Bridlewood or Riverside South?

My suggestions would be to start looking for your appliances right away and spend time at the supplier showrooms to get a good sense of what you want. We went to Deslaurier and Euro tile so many times!! The trip to the hardwood supplier in Orleans was well worth it too.

As for the brick - are you getting a corner lot? I'm not sure you'd see it much otherwise and I'm sure it's a pricey upgrade.

I'm in denial about window coverings lol. We move in 2.5 months and we haven't started looking into it. We'll get the bedroom and ensuite windows done immediately and wait for everything else. I want to get a feel for lighting and such before committing to anything.

I see most everyone in Bridlewood has done something to glass on the front door for privacy. Are these DIY films or are there professionals to call for this kind of thing?
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