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Hi Rachann
Thanks for the information on Devonleigh. Everyone from West Country has moved over to our FB group (West Country Neighbours). It is just easier to chat there.
Personally I prefer the looks of the houses in your subdivision but then I love the Craftsman style. I also noticed there is more space between the houses in your area. We live on Daniele north backing onto the new ponds. We have a beautiful view out the back now although we have been living in a construction zone for the past few years. I can't believe how quickly your area has progressed. Just drove by today and looks like most houses are finished. Over here there have been many delays partly due to backing onto protected land and then native artifacts were discovered and put everything on hold for another year. It will be beautiful once finished and those ravine lots will have spectacular views across the ponds.
I can't believe how quickly the prices have risen in this area the past couple years. Glad we bought when we did.

Welcome to Beeton. We have been here four years and love it!
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