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Yes I can't believe the prices for the homes to be built in the Valleyview subdivision over off Maple. They start in the mid 500's! The prices in this area when we were looking 4 years ago were 250-300k for the type house we were looking for. Now there is nothing under 400k! So you definitely made a good move. Inventory is low for Beeton and when something comes up in our area it is usually gone within 2 weeks. So resale value will be great although we bought here for our retirement and will stay put. We were so happy to find a large lot backing onto green space. We are from a town smaller than Beeton and this feels more like home. We both commute into Toronto for work but the peace and quiet here makes it worthwhile. I drive over to the carpool lot at 400 & Hwy 9 and take the Go Bus down to the subway at Yorkdale. It is about 2 hours each way and gets expensive but I couldn't stand living in a condo in the city. We only lasted living in Toronto for 2 years lol. We also have a dog..A Great Dane so needed a big backyard. Good luck with your move. Once the pond trails are finished you will have to bring your dog over for a walk this way. I will let you know if I hear of someone interested in buying in your subdivision. I think they have to fix Dayfoot and make improvements before they can build the houses on that side. They are only putting in about 120 in West Country for now but they do seem tight together. It has taken 20 years for anything new to be built in Beeton. Your area had its trees removed 10 years ago in preparation for development and then nothing happened. Nothing happens quickly here lol. Once Valleyview is finished that will be it because services will be maxed out so hopefully we will keep the small town feel for a long time to come. Good Luck and welcome.
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