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Originally Posted by askimo View Post
I was at the sale site a couple of weeks ago and the homes design and lots sizes look really nice!! There are two lots from the Phase 1 remaining and a three on phase 2 (with premiums due to lot size and location). They are releasing new lots periodically from Phase 2. Model prices in the web site are up to date, but lots available are not (call the site). Worth mentioning that home features/standards are quite basic, in my opinion the homes are shells that need to be updated,Tribute is well known for this practice (Ex. Homes without sidewalk cost $5k more)

For those who already bought homes here, have you experience any delay in closing? I remember the development from Tribute in “Gates of Nobleton” suffered mayor delays last year for no obvious reasons.
My friend also purchased in phase 2 and was originally quoted fall 2018 closing but tribute called them and said they were ahead of schedule and if they were okay with moving their closing date up 6 months. They happily agreed.

Our home was scheduled to break ground mid February and we noticed they had already dug up and laid the foundation 2 weeks ago ( a month in advance).

Last year most developers were delayed due to the labor strike. I know for example that all the Sharon and aurora developments maxed out the 7500 closing delay credit. Not 100 percent sure if this is the case for gates of nobleton but assuming it is.
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