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Default Soundproofing: Noise travelling to inside of single home from closer built neighbour


Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with a new home construction and being able to hear your neighbours from one single family home to another? We recently purchased a smaller single family home and we have one side that is about 3-4 feet away from our neighbour and the other that is the more "normal" 6-8 feet.

I can hear noises / vibrations from the closer neighbour (3-4 feet away). I can VERY clearly hear people stomping up and down their stairs. If there's anything slightly louder going on (maybe a kid jumping, or someone installing something on the wall) I can hear it perfectly from within my home. It seems like if anythign vibrates their floor or walls it travels perfectly to my home and I can hear it.

Does anyone live in a home built like this and have this issue and if so, what have you done about it?

Unfortunately I didn't pay for soundproofing insulation as I figured it's a single home and I wouldn't have this issue.

It essentially sounds like a townhouse. We lived in a town before this and this is actually worse, in terms of sound, than the townhouse was.
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