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If you want to save some money, just skip the roxul / spray foam / rigid panel and do a standard builder type insulation of a framed 2x4 wall, set out from the concrete 2" with tar paper or housewrap on the concretr wall and put r20batt in the stud openings, with vapour barrier on top. Or better yet frame 3" out and put 2 layers of r12, one horizontally behind the studs and a second on the stud openings.

This is typical builder standard in most new homes, I believe only one builder uses that blanket stuff.

Not as good as some of the other insulation options, but economical, meets code and keeps things warm, and you dont get that cold, damp airspace between your blanket insulation and drywall. The sky is the limit when looking at the cost of doing a basement, if you go too nuts, you'll never get that money back when you sell, but you dont want to cut corners either, that will always come back to bite you.

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