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we have been in our Tamarack now for three years. Unfortunately it has been one documented problem after another. Some small and some massive. The worst is probably the on-going water trouble that we've been having. The very first day that we owned the house, the plumbing leaked and water poured through the finished basement ceiling. It's been non stop leaking since then. Tamarack's only half hearted attempt to find the source of the leaking was to replace the O ring on one of the toilets, but they ended up cracking the water tank causing flooding on all levels and thousand's of dollars of additional damage. We were told that the replaced toilet hopefully solved the original problem and that if not they would be back to investigate further. As they practiced their approach of avoidance, the warranty clock continued. The leaking continues and we are now outside of the warranty. Although the original problem was never fixed and we were working with them in good faith as they tried half-heartedly to eliminate the problem, they are now saying that the same leaking is not covered by warranty.

This is my second new build and I have experience working with contractors on renovations. Never have I run into such a situation. You need a builder who steps up to big mistakes and not just the little ones. You need a builder who stands behind its work no matter how big the problem and the solution. Not everything goes smoothly in house construction, so the last thing you want is to build with a builder who doesn't stand behind big mistakes. A new house should not have leaky plumbing and only an unethichal builder would run down the warranty clock. I for one could think of better things to be doing with my life than having to fight in court with a builder. My mistake, I guess for choosing this builder.
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