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Originally Posted by letstry View Post
For Ice Rink- Soccer field is there, Isnt that an option ?

I have seen town doing that in other York region areas.
Sounds like a plan to me.

Originally Posted by NTKCE View Post
I am not really 'feeling' the labyrinth either. I think the idea was created out of a cost-savings initiative. I remember them saying that doing something with the large pile of rocks would be cheaper than paying to rid of the pile. I noticed the Mayor had some notes that spoke to the 'selling' features of the labyrinth (e.g. calming effects etc.). so, i am sure they have discussed the rock pile to some degree, researched some ideas and came up with the labyrinth.

I am the first to love any 'green' idea - so i get keeping the rocks on site versus disposal. but i have to wonder wheredid the rocks all came from? when? did the developer pile them there? If so, why would the town allow that? was it part of the deal? hmmmm????

i wonder if we could come up with a better idea for the rocks?
Would it be a green thing to do if they buried the rocks?
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