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So not much progress for the last couple months as my work focus has shifted outside for the long list of outdoor projects that are lining up. But I have been slowly picking away at a few things and fine tuning/planning my next steps. One of the main ones I am stuck on right now is Electrical.

I mentioned earlier that I have my main panel which is 200 amp in the Garage, from there there is a 100 amp sub panel in the laundry room that is the power for the house.
The exceptions being the AC, Pool, Furnace, Water Heater and Dryer are all from the main panel not the one in the basement.

There are not enough circuits in the basement panel to complete the basement so I need to figure it out so I am not running everything from the main panel which would add a good 40' of wire to each circuit I run.

I have narrowed it down now to 2 scenarios.

Number 1 is to replace the sub panel in the basement with a 200amp panel but keep it on the 100amp breaker. This will give me room for an additional 36 breakers and since all the heavy loads are off the main panel the 100 amp should be more than sufficient.
The current wire is Copper 2AWG so i should potentially be able to increase to 125amp as well if I want a bit more power. (need to look into this still due to the length of the run.)

Number 2 is to leave the current panel as is and use the 6awg wire that was for a previous hot tub that was outside and the 50amp breaker in the main panel to install a second sub panel next to the main panel. this also gains me more circuits than I would need and also increases the amount of power in the house to 150amp between the 2 panels instead of adding the additional circuits to the same 100amps.

Personally I like the cleaner look of 1 panel but it would be a lot more work to swap everything over to the new panel than to add a second panel plus the additional power availability.

Looking for input, let me know what you think.
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